Web resources

Web resources


Advantages Disadvantages
Relatively easy to find information on any topic Much of the information is of very poor quality & is therefore unsuitable for academic research
Available 24:7 Only a tiny proportion of scholarly research material is freely available on the web
  Overuse of the Internet & ignoring library materials is one of the main ways in which students lose marks or even fail units.

Evaluating websites

Much of what is freely available material on the web is not of good enough quality for academic research. It's important to learn how to evaluate the information you find. Click on a heading below to find out more.

  • How to critically evaluate a web page - takes you step by step through determining the quality of a site. Also includes some online tutorials.
  • Domain names and country codes - you can tell a lot about the quality of a website by looking at its web address (URL). Listed here are some of the most common domain names, country codes and what they mean to help you to decide whether you can trust the information.

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