Welcome to the Library!

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The library forms part of Learning Resources and Service Excellence (LRSE) along with SID (Student Information Desk).

We are here to help you on this exciting journey.

You’ve arrived at the Learning Resources webpages (LRWeb) where you will find a lot of information on the services and resources LRSE has to offer.

You’ve probably got lots of questions as well.

To help you get started we’ve created a map (these pages) with signposts to help you navigate through all the information and find the answers to your questions. As you read the pages, you’ll see that some of the words and sentences are links to get further information on our LRWeb pages. You can choose to click on the link or not, but that’s your signpost. You can always revisit the welcome pages when you need to find that information.

Some of the information you’ll need now to get you started and some you will need a bit later as you start studying and thinking about writing assignments.

Ready? Let’s start your journey

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