Library, Learning Resources and Information invites feedback from a variety of sources to make sure the services we offer meet the needs of the University community. We are constantly on the look out for the widest range of platforms for the student voice, it currently includes:

  • Student Voice
  • service emails
  • Web polls
  • national surveys eg NSS, iGrad
  • faculty committees eg FABs, PECs FTQSU
  • social media and FacebookTwitter
  • LR Blogs
  • Library surveys eg clipboard polls on specific aspects of the service

and responds through

  • better service signposting - verbally, online and via local posters
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions on our website)
  • planned service developments - what can we do now; what can be done in the next few months; what longer term plans are needed

We also seek feedback on our responses. Does our solution meet the initial problem through

  • Student Voice
  • and service emails

All feedback is highlighted in promotional campaigns and service highlights.

All feedback is reviewed by a senior manager and anonymised responses are included on our feedback blog. Feedback trends and suggestions are used to make improvements to our services.

We also offer a check to make sure our answer deals with your comment in the best way

Student Voice

The University's feedback scheme is committed to hearing your Student Voice about all aspects of the services we provide. It allows you to give feedback online.

Share your feedback, let us know your compliments, comments or concerns about the library using the online form, the link is below. You can use it as many times as you need to, can access it anytime from anywhere and feel confident that your feedback will be responded to and valued by the library, the University and Beds SU.

Once you’ve submitted your feedback, it will be read and processed by the Student Experience Team and Beds SU, who will share it with the Library Team. You can expect a response to your feedback within three working days.

In addition to a personal response, we regularly collate feedback reports to determine trends in feedback and where wider action can be taken to enhance the student experience.

Service Emails

You can also use our service emails:

Complaints procedure

We want to provide you with the best possible service, if we haven’t done this please let us know so we can try and put it right and stop it happening again.

You can make a complaint to any member of staff in person, chat, phone, via Tell Us or email Carly Ramirez-Herelle, Head of Library Services at

Whenever possible we will deal with the issue immediately; if we cannot do this, an explanation will be given as to what action will be taken next.

If you decide to make a complaint, we will endeavour to:

  • send you an acknowledgement email or letter within one working day, setting out how it is intended the complaint will be dealt with
  • keep you periodically informed if the matter is taking some time to resolve
  • resolve the complaint within ten working days of receipt of the complaint 
  • look at the pattern of complaints to identify and improve any areas where there appear to be repeated problems

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this process, then you can raise a complaint through stage 2 of the University’s complaints process. 

Follow up

In the unlikely event that you have made a complaint recently we hope that your complaints have been dealt with promptly, patiently and courteously.

Following the resolution of your complaint, we would appreciate you giving us your feedback via email to Carly Ramirez-Herelle at

Your feedback is very important to us and will help us to improve and maintain our standards. We want to be the best for you.​

Changes You Have Made

Library, Learning Resources and Information (LLRI) welcomes feedback and suggestions on any of its services.

To demonstrate the value placed on that feedback we celebrate the changes we have made as a result of that feedback

  • YOU SAID: You wanted to use the library anytime
    WE opened Luton and Bedford 24/7
  • YOU SAID: You wanted more availale PCS
    WE introduced a bookaPC service at all or campuses
  • YOU SAID; you wanted help with mobile devices
    WE: introduced Pop Up IT Support


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