Room Bookings: Students and Staff

Click the buttons below to find out more information on booking group study rooms at each campus.

Online Bookings

Go to

Fill in the details on screens ie ID number; select which room you want (from drop down list) and date then click continue.

In the next screen fill in the time required (time slots which are already booked are indicated) and follow the onscreen instructions.

A PIN will be sent to your university email account, please use your PIN to enter the room or your booking may be cancelled.

Staff on the Customer Service desk in Luton on level 1 or on Bedford ground floor can help with any queries.

On the spot Bookings

There is a booking screen outside every bookable room in a small black box with a touch screen display. This is the door controller.

  • A room may be booked using the door controller at any time, providing no-one else has booked the room online, and after 10 minutes if the group who booked it do not turn up. The door controller will show "Room available. Scan card"
  • Scan the ID card on the door pad; if the room is available, there will be options to book for 1 hour, or until the room is next available

Instructions: In the "Booking Availability" field if the display is

  • Green - it is available for on the spot bookings
  • Yellow – it is about to start a book and is unavailable
  • Red – booked and in use

Green availability means you can book in at the door for a one hour or partial hour slot. Simply swipe your University ID card and you can enter the room.

If the "Booking Availability" is Yellow or Red touch the button and use the up and down arrows on the display to select and book the next available time. Follow the on screen instructions. Your PIN will be sent to your University email address.

Any problems please either go to the Customer Service desk on level 1 of the library or email Please make a note of the room you are trying to use in your email (along with date and time).

Cancelling a Booking

Customers are advised to cancel a booking if they no longer require it. This will free the room up for someone else and not use up their weekly allowance

  • cancel from door black controller or online
  • Customers must cancel the booking before the booking slot starts. They will not be able to cancel the booking if the booking slot has already started

Terms and Conditions

  1. The bookable rooms in the Luton and Bedford libraries may be booked by University of Bedfordshire staff and students only
  2. University staff may not book teaching rooms for single occupancy or on behalf of their students.
  3. Do not use anyone else's details to log onto the system
  4. These library facilities may be booked for use by groups of a minimum of 4 people and their respective maximum number. If a booking has less than the minimum or more than the maximum number of people for the room in attendance staff or security will clear the room and the booking will be cancelled
  5. Bookings can be made up to 1 week in advance through the booking website
  6. All customers are subject to the Library's Customer Behaviour's and Standards Policy. Any misuse of the group room facilities may result in disciplinary action
  7. Do not leave personal belongings unattended. Library or security staff will routinely remove any unattended items seen in group rooms
  8. Chairs and tables are provided in the room – do not bring in extra seats, tables or other furniture from other parts of the Library
  9. Every effort should be made to avoid excess noise. Soundtracks or music for example should not be heard outside the booked room
  10. If a room is left unoccupied for more than 20 minutes the booking will be cancelled and any belongings will be taken to security
  11. No food or drink is allowed in any of the group rooms. Any misuse of the group room facilities may result in disciplinary action
  12. Customers are asked to leave room clean and tidy
  13. When using a group study room, you may be required to enable access to cleaners so rooms can be kept in good order
  14. Library staff and security reserve the right to enter any study room at any time. Customers must be prepared to show their ID card to any member of Library or security staff on request
  15. The person making the booking is responsible for all losses and damages
  16. Library, Learning Resources and Information hope customers enjoy using this space. We welcome any suggestions for improvement. This can be done using the Student Voice online form or email

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