You Need Your University ID Card

Student card

Library facilities are available only to authorised persons defined by University ID or an External Membership card. Please keep your ID with you whenever you visit the library/LRC as you may be asked to identify yourself at any time. You will need to swipe in or show your ID to gain entry and to leave.

Please treat your card with the same care as you would a credit card, since you are liable for item(s) borrowed using your card. Never loan it to anyone else and if you lose your card, a replacement card may be obtained in the University of Bedfordshire Online Store

You will be refused access to all University facilities if you are unable to show your card when asked to do so.

Temporary IDs at Luton and Bedford libraries

Temporary Pass

A small clockIf you happen to forget your student card, don't worry! If you’re in Luton or Bedford libraries, head over to one our temporary card kiosks, where you can get a temporary pass. This will give you access through the library gates only, for 24-hours after the time you borrow. However, it won't provide access to other library or IT services that typically require your student/staff card. For example, you won't be able to borrow books without your card.

You can use up to 12 temporary passes each Academic Year – so from August to July, annually. Temporary IDs will not work on the accessible or revolving doors on the ground floor of Luton campus library.

Juno Buddy

Juno Buddy logoAlternatively, we offer the Juno Buddy app, a great solution for accessing the library gates. By installing a barcode on your phone through the app, you can simply scan it to gain entry.

It's worth mentioning that temporary passes and the Juno Buddy app are separate systems. If you get a temporary pass, you won't be able to:

  • Use your normal ID card
  • Use the Juno Buddy app for 24 hours or until the temporary pass is cancelled.

While the Juno Buddy app is great for access into the library, it cannot be used with the self-issue kiosks, printers, laptop lockers, or study room card scanners.

Please speak to library staff at the customer services desk if you need help.

The good news is that unlike temporary passes, the Juno Buddy app won't expire, so access to the library is unlimited as long as you are a student with us and have registered the app on your phone.

If you'd like to get the Juno Buddy app, it's available for download on both the App Store or the Play Store. During the registration process, use the code BEDS and provide your university email to receive a PIN. You’ll need to do this the first time the app is used.


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