Disability Support

Students or staff who are identified as having a disability through either the student record system (SITS) or the HR system (iTRENT) can request additional services, as laid out here and in the Library Handbook.

Individuals who disclose a disability to Library staff, which is not known to the University, may be referred onto the Health and Well Being team if requested.

This is a summary of services available to students with assistive status:

  • Unlimited renewals of borrowed items
  • Waived fines (some sanctions such as blocked borrowing and charges for replacement will still apply)
  • Advice and support in the use of assistive software
  • Wheelchair accessible facilities
  • Lifts are available to allow access to all floors
  • Specialist software and equipment
  • Students with a print disability may be able to access educational resources via the RNIB Bookshare scheme. More information can be found at RNIB Bookshare. If you think that you are eligible and would like to make use of the scheme please contact the University's Disability Support team via disablity@beds.ac.uk
  • Any specific requests or comments may be directed to the Head of Library Services, Carly Ramirez-Herelle at Carly.Ramirez-Herelle@beds.ac.uk or at any Library Customer Service Desk.

Contacts around the University of Bedfordshire Libraries are:

Luton Library
Linda McCulloch
E: linda.mcculloch@beds.ac.uk
T: 01582 743488

Bedford Library
Kathryn Scott
E: kathryn.scott@beds.ac.uk
T: 01234 793189

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