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Library, Learning Resources and Information offers a range of services aimed at supporting your studies while you are at University. The aim is to offer one stop shops to help you.

Library, Learning Resources and Information services are typified by library provision. You may have used your school library or public library and we ask you to think beyond these services to Higher Education version.

There is library provision at all of our main Campuses at: Aylesbury, Bedford, Luton and UCMK

Student Information Desk (SID) In addition to libraries we staff the SiD and Reception desks where staff are available to help you with any enquiries about University life.

Customer Service DeskJust ask logo

Aylesbury, Bedford and Luton Libraries each have a staffed Customer Service Desk. Our friendly team will listen to your needs and answer your queries. Just ask. There is no such thing as a silly question and we welcome the opportunity in helping any student along their University of Bedfordshire journey.

The customer service desks in our libraries may be found:

Aylesbury – on the ground floor near the main entrance
Bedford – on the ground floor
Luton – on the first floor
Milton Keynes – on the ground floor

If you miss our staffed hours (on our opening hours web page) then please contact us by email library.services@beds.ac.uk

Ask SiD HereAsk SiD Here

Aylesbury Bedford and Luton Campus Libraries offer an extended one stop shop SiD service during staffed hours at the Customer Service Desk. Any enquiry will be answered on the spot or referred to the most appropriate person or department. If you miss our staffed hours please make your enquiry online

If you need help and you're not on Campus or you're in the library outside staffed hours first try the University's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If there's nothing there to help you log a SID enquiry, details here:

Log an enquiry

You have access to a huge variety of print and digital resources via the library catalogue or our resource discovery platform DISCOVER

Search DISCOVER by using the red search bar on LRWeb (about half way down the front page).

PCs and MACs are provided in each Campus for walk in use for University staff and students only. They offer access to a wide range of applications including Microsoft Office, email and the Internet as well as a wide variety of information resources.

Your tutors want to see you use a wide variety of resources to find the information you need to write your assignments.

These services are restricted to members of the University therefore to access any of them you will need to present your current University ID card

Service Excellence services are typified by Reception and SiD services. Any questions about student life from Council tax letters, where's my timetable or, how to I get to... can be dealt with by these teams. In person or online.

Parents if you have to bring your children onto Campus please remember under 18s are not allowed into the library. During staffed hours - where there is availability - we will help you return items or gather up items for loan.

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