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University Accounts

University accounts is the term used for the IT access you get on registering with the University to help you with your studies. This includes library membership as well as computing and network services.

You will have 7 different accounts:

  • Library - borrow, reserve or check for fines, access to digital information sources etc.
  • Print - keep this account in credit to use the printers
  • BREO - the University Virtual Learning Environment
  • Email - University email account
  • Eduroam - access University WiFi on campus
  • Evision - your student record. Access your academic record, exam results etc. Update your contact details in eVision and it will update all your University accounts
  • Network account - allows you to log onto University PCs and is the standard account for accessing most of the service listed above (not eVision)
  • Timetable - access to your personal timetable

Your Student record/ E-vision account password will be given to you on registration and is different to your other username and password.

Your log on details (Username and password) to access your Library, BREO, Network and Email accounts will have been sent to you in your "Joining Instructions" email. If you have forgotten this please talk to staff at the Customer Service Desk.

Timetable: Recommended browser Firefox or Chrome do not use Internet Explorer. To access your timetable 24 hours after completing your registration go to

Follow the advice in the video clips on the page

It is strongly recommended that you opt in to notifications

For all your your accounts You will need to change your password straight away, one change for all, go to

How to change your password [PDF]

Sign in with the details sent to you in your Joining Instructions email and follow the on-screen prompts. Make sure your new password is easy to remember it must have:

  • minimum number of characters 16
  • maximum number of characters 512
  • at least one upper case character of European language
  • at least one lower case character of European language
  • at least one numerical digit

Protect yourself online


When seeking assistance always show your student ID card.

To prevent unauthorised access by others it is your responsibility to ensure that your personal accounts and passwords remain secure at all times. This should be done by:

  • changing your passwords every 6 months
  • not divulging your login details to anyone else
  • logging off completely before leaving a PC to prevent other students accessing your account and using your print credits

Learning Resources will not take responsibility for lost print credits.

If you allow anyone else to use your personal account to access the University's network or information resources provided by Learning Resources, this constitutes a breach of security and will be treated very seriously. This will usually result in the withdrawal of access to the service and the incident will be referred to the appropriate University disciplinary panel. Willful misuse of a service purchased by the University for its staff and students may also result in an individual prosecution by the service provider.

Changing your password online

You will be prompted to change your University network password every 6 months. It is important you do this or you will eventually be unable to log on to a pc. Use the link below to do this:

You will need to log in then set up your forgotten password security question and answer. The successful answer to your security question will allow access to the password reset screen.

Once you have changed your password you will be able to log in immediately.

Multifactor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a technology to secure systems and data with more than just a password; using phone calls, SMS text messages or mobile apps to provide an additional layer of security.

The University of Bedfordshire are initially activating MFA for Outlook email and other Microsoft 365 services. MFA will be incrementally rolled out to all students from the last quarter of 2021. Students will be notified via email two weeks before MFA is activated on their University sign in.

Find out how to set up and use MFA

Temporary ID - Luton and Bedford Libraries

At Luton and Bedford Campus Libraries, we operate a self-service temporary ID facility to our University community.

Temporary ID facility will apply to:

  • University students who have forgotten their ID cards

Automated ID facility will not allow students to:

  • Swipe into lecture rooms
  • Print/photocopy/scan in Luton and Bedford Libraries
  • Borrow or renew items including laptops

The temporary ID facility will allow up to 12 day passes per academic year.

A temporary ID is valid for 24 hours and will disable your University ID card until 24hrs have elapsed. If you find your ID within 24hrs use the temporary ID to swipe in and out of the library and your ID card to borrow items, book rooms etc.


  • Current students or staff who have forgotten their ID or membership card may create a temporary pass by logging at the kiosk and requesting a day pass using username and password. Follow the on screen instructions. The pass will be printed straight away and will be valid for 24 hours.
  • If customers try to use their ID card while the temporary pass is valid it will not work on the entry gates but will allow book issues.

About to finish your Studies?

If you are about to finish your studies please remember to:

  • copy all your files from your network space on a USB
  • copy or transfer all your e-mail addresses from your gmail account

Your accounts will be closed within 3 months of you finishing your studies and you will not be able to access the contents after this time.

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