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As a student you can access a lot of services and resources to help you learn.

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The library webpages (LRWeb) tell you about them, but the signposts below are some of the key services you need to know about now as you start your journey.

On the bookings page you can find out how to book different group learning spaces at Bedford and Luton in advance and when you are onsite.

Not everything is available as an ebook, sometimes you might need to borrow a print book using the self-service machines. You can borrow up to 20 items. Each book in the collection has a status saying whether you can borrow the book and different loan period (how long you can borrow a book). If you aren’t sure what to do, ask at the Customer Service Desk.

Students on a teaching course can borrow from the Teaching Practice Collection at Bedford.

There is a printable / saveable handy guide about borrowing [PDF], the guide also explains the different loan periods. You can return books borrowed using the self-service returns machine.

Books borrowed are renewed automatically, unless requested by somebody else. There is a printable / saveable handy guide on renewals [PDF]

You can also check what you've got on loan by checking your library record

You can borrow a laptop at all our campuses. For more information, ask at the Customer Service Desk or email libraryservices@beds.ac.uk

We do charge fines for the late return of books and DVDs. See what the fines are and open a PDF that gives more information on how to pay [PDF]. If you lose a book you will be charged for a replacement copy. This is called Billed Status, the PDF tells you more.

You should always have your ID card with you on campus, it allows you to swipe into the libraries, release your printing jobs etc. any member of staff or security can ask to see your ID card. It’s part of our activity to keep you safe on site.

If you forget your ID card, you can get a temporary ID. You are allowed 12 day passes per academic year.

You have 7 accounts that allow you: to borrow, print, use your university email account, log on to BREO etc. Your "Joining Instructions" email will have told you how to access these accounts.

You'll need to change your password as soon as possible to keep safe online. Watch the video Protect yourself online to find out how to keep your accounts safe

There are 38 lockers on the ground floor of the library at Luton that you can use to store your possessions when using the library.

PCs and Macs are available in the libraries on a first come first served basis. Each machine has a wide range of software to help you study. Find out more about using the university PCs, including how to log on, the importance of changing passwords, how to save your work and the University Network Acceptable Policy.

Read more about using Macs in the libraries

Letting you know if there are IT problems – service interruptions

Sometimes (very rarely) PCS and digital resources will be out of action / unavailable. As soon as we know we always post on our X (formerly Twitter) page. It’s worth following to keep up to date.

If you are making a special journey in, email library.services@beds.ac.uk or phone 01582 743488 Customer Services to check everything is available.

Within the libraries you can print, photocopy, and scan (document gets sent to your University email account).

You can also use Webprint to send print jobs to the library printers. This is great if you are using your own device on site or working at home. You can send the job and then release the job at your convenience when on site.

You have a print credit account attached to your ID card that you can use to pay for printing and photocopying. You can top up your account in the libraries or online.

Sometimes you might need to place a reservation for a print book when all the copies are out on loan. This can be done online using DISCOVER. If you aren’t sure what to do, ask at the Customer Service Desk.

Eduroam is the University Wifi if you are a University of Bedfordshire student. To find out how to access whilst on site, but also when you visit other universities read the Eduroam information page

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