DISCOVER is your single search solution that allows you to search most of our electronic resources and the catalogue simultaneously and tells you if library books are on loan. (Some databases are not included for reasons outside our control - here is a list of databases not in DISCOVER)

Screenshot of Discover home screen

DISCOVER is based on the EBSCOhost interface so if you've used any of the EBSCO databases it will look familiar and can be searched in the same way. Results can be saved to your personal My EBSCOhost folder, and your saved Preferences will apply.

When you access DISCOVER you will need to login with your usual UoB username and password.

Once you've run a search, you will get lots of options on the left-hand side to help you narrow down your results, e.g. by date, subject or type of resource. By default we have limited your results to things that you will be able to access (UoB full access), but if you want to see what else is out there you can de-select this option. Options on the right-hand side let you link out to other databases that aren't part of DISCOVER to run your search there.

For help with with using DISCOVER please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian. You can also follow our updates on the Digital Library Blog

Androids and iPads

If you are having trouble using DISCOVER on your tablet, you may find this helpsheet [PDF] useful. If you are using an Android device search with Chrome, not the 'browser', or use Safari on an iOS device.

Detailed demonstration:

Click the links to watch our video guides:

Discover: General orientation

Discover: Doing a basic search

Discover: Doing an Advanced search

Discover: How to access the full text of articles

Discover: How to use bookmarks, projects and save searches

Discover: Using the concept map feature

Although DISCOVER includes lots of databases, it can't include all of the databases we subscribe to. To find out what other databases may be useful to search, go to the Databases not in DISCOVER page.

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