Luton Library Lockers

There are 38 lockers on the ground floor of Luton Library before the entrance swipe barriers. They are available on a first come first served basis.

They are free of charge and available to students who need somewhere to leave their belongings whilst using the library.

Lockers must be cleared by 9.25am daily.

Terms and Conditions

By using these lockers (ie creating a PIN) you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions: -

  1. Lockers are a self-service facility available for use via keypad access. They are emptied daily at 09.30 so loan period is broadly a maximum 10am – 09.25am the next day.
  2. Use is via the key pad only to access the locker.
  3. Use of these lockers is restricted to students using the library for study, they should be emptied and made available for others when you leave.
  4. Lockers are intended for use by a single user (i.e. do not share the locker or your PIN). One locker per person. 
  5. Lockers are monitored by CCTV, in addition library and security staff will carry out spot-checks for unacceptable contents and inappropriate use on a regular basis.
  6. Lockers will be opened by Library and Security staff, and any contents retrieved and securely retained in general lost property at 09.30 every day. Lost property can be claimed Mon – Fri 10 – 16.00 the next day from the library or - after that - from the Campus Centre reception (please see below).
  7. Library materials MUST NOT be placed in the lockers unless they have been issued to you. Any unissued Library material found to be stored in a locker will be returned directly to the shelves to allow others to use them.Issued items will be held in the Reservations room (1st floor).
  8. No food or perishable items may be stored in the lockers. Any perishable items found in a locker will be removed and thrown away without notice.
  9. Do not leave valuable items in lockers.
  10. Items are left at your own risk. The Library and University will not accept any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items, stored in these lockers or otherwise arising from use of these lockers.
  11. Misuse or physical damage of the lockers may lead to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy.
  12. If customers forget their PIN they can claim their things the following day Monday to Friday 10.00 - 16.00 enquiring at the level 1 Customer Service desk. You will be required to provide reasonable proof that the contents are yours, when claiming (see below).
  13. After 24 hours Lost Property will be taken to the main Campus Centre reception.

How to use a Locker

Set your pin and to also open the locker to retrieve your belongings using the keypad by pressing:
START (bottom left)
Enter your 6 digit numeric PIN
LOCK key (padlock icon bottom right)

Red light flashes when locked
Keep a note of the number of the locker you are using and your PIN

Empty by or before 9.25am the following day

Claiming Lost Property

Monday - Friday 10 - 16.00 enquire at the Customer Service desk level 1 and provide:

  • Locker Number
  • Day date and time of use
  • University ID
  • Detailed description of contents

After 24hrs enquire at the Campus Centre reception

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