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As part of your studies, you will be required to complete several assignments, which may include essays, reports and dissertations, presentations and posters, and you may need to include some data analysis or prove an understanding of how to store, organise and manipulate numerical and other forms of data. You will need to use a word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, and you may be required to use a presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel. Check the guides below to improve your skills using the applications listed below.

The guides have been prepared using Office 365. Office 2019 and Office 2016 will be very similar, although some of the functions may not be available or be in different locations. If you need help with an older version of Office, please contact 

Cyber security awareness

If you would like to find out more about  staying safe online, please read the cyber security awareness guidance by ICT.

Self-help guides available for download

Our guides are available as Word documents. If you need an alternative format, please email 

You can download and install Microsoft Office and use it free of charge as long as you are a student at the University.

Install Microsoft Office 365 (Windows or Mac) - instructions [DOCX]

Our self help guides explain how to do short tasks in PowerPoint. You can find additional resources, such as video training, tips and templates on the Microsoft support site.

You can find more detailed instructions and examples in our workbooks.


We no longer offer the ECDL qualification to students; however we still have many resources available if you wish to use them. Please email if you need access to these resources.

If you are interested in achieving the ECDL or ECDL Advanced qualifications we recommend you contact Cranfield University.

Microsoft Teams

Please note that the University does not currently use Microsoft Teams as a teaching tool. It is however, available for students to use to create informal groups. Microsoft Teams training material is available directly from Microsoft.


Video guides

The following video guides are available in this topic:


Study Hub can offer a number of workshops on these areas:

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See more on these topics at our Readinglists site or see our readinglist by topic below.

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Our guides are available as Word documents. If you need an alternative format, please email