The Microsoft Office Training team produce workbooks to equip you with the necessary skills required to complete your assignments and dissertation.  Click on the application heading to see the workbooks that are available. They are often accompanied by exercise files, which you can download to practice the tasks in the workbooks. 

It is also possible to book an appointment with one of our trainers if you need support using Microsoft Office applications.

Format and manage your dissertation

Workbook: Format and manage your dissertation workbook [PDF]

Exercise file: Dissertations exercise file [DOCX]

Create academic posters

Workbook PowerPoint 365: Create academic posters [PDF]

Exercise file Cropping images [PPTX]

Chart essentials

Workbook: Chart essentials [PDF]

Exercise file: Chart essentials exercise file [XLSX]

Use Excel to analyse data

Workbook: Use Excel to analyse data [PDF]

Exercise file: Use Excel to analyse data [XLSX]


Older workbooks

The Microsoft Office Training team is working hard to update workbooks written for older versions of Office, and we are publishing workbooks as soon as they are completed. The older books have become obsolete, and have been removed from the page, but we have up-to-date guides and a growing collection of video guides on the Microsoft Office Training self-help guides page.

The guides have been prepared using Office 365. Office 2019 and Office 2016 will be very similar, although some of the functions may not be available or be in different locations. If you need help with an older version of Office, please contact 

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