Format and manage your dissertation

The following resources were created to help you format and manage long documents, such as a dissertation or thesis. If you have any questions or need further help, please email

Comprehensive guides

The most common topics related to long documents are:

  • Using page breaks and section breaks
  • Using different page number formats in different sections
  • Applying and modifying styles
  • Adding automatic numbering to chapter headings
  • Inserting an automatic table of contents
  • Using the Navigation Pane
  • Adding captions to tables and illustrations and inserting an automatic table of figures/tables
  • Using bookmarks and cross-references to navigate in a long document
  • Inserting and formatting footnotes and endnotes.

For concise instructions to all these tasks, download the Format and manage your dissertation quick guide

For more detailed instructions and examples, download the Format and manage your dissertation workbook. You can also download the exercise file for this workbook to practice.

Video and written guides

You can find detailed video guides and short written guides for the topics below.

Click a title to see the guides available in the topic.

Apply and modify styles

Find out: what styles are, advantages of using styles, how to open the Navigation Pane, how to apply a style, how to modify a style.

Video 1: Apply a style to a heading

Written guidesApply a styleModifying a style

Apply numbering to headings

Find out how to: apply automatic numbering to headings, change the level of a heading, use the Navigation Pane to reorder text.

Video 2: Apply numbering to headings

Insert and update a table of contents

Find out how to: insert a table of contents, delete a table of contents, update a table of contents.

Video 3: Insert and update a Table of Contents

Written guides: Creating a table of contents

Format a table of contents

Find out how to: format the table of contents, add or remove heading levels, format heading levels in the table of contents.

Video 4: Format a Table of Contents

Captions and table of figures

Find out how to: add captions to illustrations, insert a table of figures.

Video 5: Add captions and a Table of Figures

Written guides: Adding captions to images and tables, Creating a table of figures

Page numbering and section breaks

Find out how to: insert section breaks, format page numbers in different sections.

Video 6: Page numbering and section breaks

Written guides: Using section breaksPage numbering, Formatting different sections

Further help

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