Create a digital narrative

The following videos will show you how to use PowerPoint to create a digital narrative. Part I demonstrates creating and setting up a slide show, and Part II shows you how to add transitions, animations and background music, how to record the slide show and save it as a video file.

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Part I: PowerPoint 2016 Fundamentals: Preparing to create a digital narrative

Quick guide: PowerPoint fundamentals print version [PDF]

The above guide is suitable for printing. We are currently working on an accessible version, if you need one urgently, e.g. to use with a screen reader, please email

Find out how to: create a new presentation; add a new slide; change slide layout; delete a slide; save your presentation; add text to placeholders; move a slide.

Find out how to: insert pictures; resize, move and delete pictures; add a new text box; format text; insert and edit shapes.

Find out how to: apply themes; change the slide background; view your slide show; rehearse the timings; view and clear slide timings.

Part II: Creating a digital narrative

Quick guide: Create a digital narrative (advanced) - [DOCX]

Practice file: CST promo.pptx - [PPTX]

Find out how to: apply and remove slide transitions, effect options for transitions, set the duration for transitions, apply a transition to all slides; apply and remove animations, effect options for animations, set the duration for animations.


Find out how to: group and layer objects and use the Selection pane; apply multiple animations to an object and use the Animation pane to create more complex animations.


Find out how to: Record the slide show from the beginning or from the current slide; record and re-record animation and transition timings and narrations; add and set up background music.

Find out how to: record the slide show in PowerPoint for Office 365. For recording tips and instructions on adding background music, please see Video 2: Recording the slide show and adding background music above.


Find out how to: compress the media files to reduce file size; export your presentation as a video file.


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