Within Learning Resources there is a team of Academic Liaison Librarians (ALLs) who are information subject specialists. The ALLs work together in teams supporting each of the faculties at the University. Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for further help and guidance on using the resources and services available to you.

Basic contact details for the ALLs are listed below, but you can find out more about them and what they do

Find your subject in the list below and click on the link to the Academic Liaison Librarian to find out more about them and how they can help you in your course.

Subject Librarian
Head of Academic Liaison Jo Myhill
Accounting Sofia Mavrogeni
Applied Social Studies Keith Daniels
Art & Design Janine Bhandol
Business Studies / Business Systems Jo Gallagher / Claire Carter
Business School courses taught at Bedford Claire Carter
Computer Science Janine Bhandol
Construction and Engineering  Janine Bhandol
Creative Writing Janine Bhandol / Bill Mortimer
Criminology Keith Daniels
Education Adele Robinson
English and Performing Arts Bill Mortimer
Finance Sofia Mavrogeni
Health and Social Care Keith Daniels
Human Resources Sofia Mavrogeni
Journalism Janine Bhandol
Language and Communication Adele Robinson
Law Sofia Mavrogeni
Life Sciences Janine Bhandol
Management Jo Gallagher / Claire Carter
Marketing Jo Gallagher / Claire Carter
Media Arts and Performance Janine Bhandol / Bill Mortimer
Medical and Dental Education Academic Liaison Librarians
Midwifery Academic Liaison Librarians
Music Technology Janine Bhandol
Nursing Academic Liaison Librarians
Operating Department Practice Academic Liaison Librarians
Paramedic Science Academic Liaison Librarians
Physical Education (PE) Adele Robinson
Post Graduate Research Jo Myhill
Psychology Janine Bhandol
Social Work Keith Daniels
Sociology Keith Daniels
Sport Sciences and Physical Activity Bill Mortimer
Sport Therapy Bill Mortimer
Staff Research Jo Myhill
Tourism, Events and Hospitality Jo Gallagher / Claire Carter

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