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The library survey ran from Monday 30th October and closed on Monday 13th November 2023.

A BIG ‘thank you’ to all our students for taking part! Your feedback is important to us and helps us understand what we are doing well and what we can do better for you. 

We would like to share the results with you!


The results below show the percentage of students who answered 'Satisfied' or 'Very satisfied' with the following: 

(NB: Some 2022 boxes are blank. That’s because we extended some of the questions in our 2023 survey to include more of our services). 

  2023 2022
Opening times 98.5%  
Digital resources in my study area (databases, eBooks, and e-journals)  95% 86%
Study Hub online guides and resources 89.8% 81.5%
DISCOVER  85.5% 67%
Customer service desks 91.3% 77%
Study areas 95% 90%
‘Book a room’ service 76.7% 65.5%
Laptops and PCs  82.2% 81%
Printing, photocopying, and scanning 78.5% 75.5%
Printing resources in my area (books and journals) 75.3% 80%
How to borrow and return items  86.3% 87%
Referencing support  82.7%  
Finding resources to help with your studies  90.1%  
Word, PowerPoint and excel support  79.4%  
Library website-  89.6% 83.5%


If you have any feedback, suggestions, concerns or comments about your library and the services that are offered please email


99% of responses said we are friendly and polite! 

(Comments have been verified as being written by students). 

“They always have a welcoming face and ready to assist when you do need help.” 

“Always welcoming and approachable. Polite and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble.” 

“They are very friendly, guided me to the right place and very supportive.” 

“When walking through they always greet me.” 


(Comments have been verified as being written by students). 

“I would talk through my comments with a member of the team on the main desk.” 

“Put them in a suggestion box, or just ask.” 

“Tell the staff or review online.” 

“Either speak to someone at the front or email.” 

TOP 5 responses
BREO My Beds Life App Academic staff Friends Library website


92.1% said they received the service you were hoping for. 
79.4% said they received a response within 2 working days if their enquiry was by phone or by email. 
92.5% said they received information that was clear and easy to understand. 
91.8% said they felt like the staff understood their enquiry. 

TOP 5 responses
Access to refreshments Group study rooms Temperature Staff visibility Extend opening hours



(Comments have been verified as being written by students). 

“Other services (food/drink) not available at weekends. Very frustrating to have go off campus just to get food and drink.” 

“A lot of the time the rooms are booked when I want to use them.” 

“Because it gets chilly in the library during winter.” 

“Sometimes students make loud calls distracting others.” 

“I am often busy during daytime, so evenings and nights are best time for me to work - even early mornings …” 


Overall, 98% of our students said they were satisfied with the library!

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