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Setting language preferences

Changing the language of the interface in EBSCO databases

The language selection feature is located on the top toolbar in the Languages drop down menu and you can also change the language from the Preferences screen.

To change the language of the interface:

1. Hover your mouse over Language on the top right hand toolbar, and a drop-down menu of languages appears.

2. Click on the language you want, and the screen will refresh to display the EBSCO interface in your language choice.

If you have a My EBSCO account, you can set your preferred default language, and the next time you log in to your EBSCO account your preferred language will be remembered.

To set a default language preference:

1. Sign in to My EBSCOhost.

2. From the Toolbar, click the Preferences button

3. In the General Settings area, select your language from the drop-down list

4. Click Save.

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