We subscribe to a range of databases to help you with your studies.

Databases can be:

    • Full text - containing the full text of articles.
    • Bibliographic - these databases (also called Abstract & Indexes/A&I) collect key information about journal articles, often for a particular subject area, but don't hold the articles themselves. The most common details will be journal title, title of article, author, year of publication, volume and part number, and page numbers. There might also be an abstract which gives an overview of the article. Usually you will be able to use the Full Text Finder button Full Text finderto check whether the library has access to the full text article you want.
    • Other - we also have databases of material other than journal articles, such as
      • Financial data
      • Marketing data
      • News stories
      • Images
      • Video

DISCOVER searches many of our databases at the same time, and will link you to the full text.

To find relevant resources for your subject you can:

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