Reading lists

Each unit of your course should have its own reading list.

Reading lists created by your course team list the reading you need to for the unit.

The reading list is normally arranged in three sections:

  • Core texts (sometimes known as key texts or essential texts) - These are the materials that your lecturer considers most important for the understanding of the module. They will usually give you an overview of the topic being studied. Most likely to be ebook.
  • Guided Reading: reading that supports the lecturers / seminars you’ll be participating in. It could be: chapters from books, journal articles, audio visual material, webpages, newspaper articles, reports, legislation etc.
  • Independent reading: suggestions of what else you can read to further your knowledge on a subject, go beyond the core and guided.

Reading lists are made up of citations, all the information about the item you want to read (and cite in an assignment), such as the author, title, date, but most importantly where you can access the item.

The item might be:

  • An ebook that will have the link to the ebook so you can browse the contents page and index
  • An ebook chapter, with a link so you can read the chapter
  • A print book on the shelves and you’ll need the classmark to find it
  • A journal article and it will have the read to read the article
  • A link to a webpage, YouTube video etc.

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