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Customer Service - What this means to us

Customer Service Standard

Our Customer Service Standard sets out what customer service means to Learning Resources and Service Excellence (LRSE). In practical terms we will:

  • put our customers at the centre of our service
  • create a service that is responsive to our customers' needs
  • treat our customers fairly with respect and courtesy
  • provide a helpful and friendly service
  • wear name badges and will give our names to our customers
  • provide the fullest possible service at all times within the constraints of available resources
  • assist customers with special needs; for example: part-time students, parents with young children, customers with assistive status
  • publicise our services and opening hours and keep LRSE customers informed of changes
  • display or Code of Practice and regulations clearly on our website
  • provide customer care training for LRSE staff
  • train our staff to provide a quality service
  • provide a variety of Feedback options for comments, and undertake regular surveys of customer's opinion
  • reply to Tell Us feedback  within 2 working days
  • use comments and suggestions to help us improve our serviceCSE
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