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Bedford campus

Opening Hours 24/7

Bedford Campus Library is open 24/7 x 365.

Standard Staffed Hours

The Library will be staffed:

Monday - Friday 08:30 - 22:00
Saturday 09:45 - 15:45
Sunday 10:45 - 16:45

Security will be on duty at all other times.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub will be closed from Friday 12th April 18:00 to Monday 29th April 08:00

2nd Floor - Silent Floor

2nd Floor is a Silent Study floor. Noise levels are monitored by regular staff patrols. Please observe the Silence requirement. Sanctions are in place for talking.


Learning Resources and Service Excellence makes every effort to maintain 24/7 365 this does not mean that Library staff are necessarily on duty for the whole of the opening hours. If you wish to check ring: (01234) 793189.

University of Bedfordshire

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