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24/7 When You Need It

Bedford Library and Luton Library are open  "24/7 when you need it".

This means 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 8.5 months of the year

Bedford and Luton Libraries operate summer opening hours 12.6.17 - 1.10.17

All University of Bedfordshire staff and students are welcome to take advantage of the 168 hours of study time per week October to mid June at either Luton Library or Bedford Library regardless of what your "home" campus might be.

General Advice

Learning Resources offers full access to services during the advertised opening hours. Please check for current availability. At Luton Library and Bedford Library staff are not always on duty as some opening hours are supported by security patrols. Please check if assistance is needed before making a journey 01582 743488.

IT services are occasionally subject to unplanned interruption. Planned interruptions for major work will be publicised locally and will be Twittered to the front page of LRWeb. If you intend to make a journey to use specific IT services, please check in advance to ensure their availability.

Opening hours at each site reflect the demand for services throughout the year subject to cost effectiveness and efficiency. Times vary from campus to campus. Please check LRWeb for changes to hours particularly during July through to September.

Regular opening hours will be reviewed each year by 30 May prior to the relevant academic year. Any proposed changes will be put to academic staff and students through Student Union representatives, Faculty representatives and BREO.

Requests to vary opening hours are subject to consideration by the University Librarian.

Summer Opening Hours 2018

LRSE is making changes to summer opening times to maintain 24/7 opening over the main teaching year October to mid – June. Please check individual Campus opening hours pages for details: Luton and  Bedford

University of Bedfordshire

Opening Times