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Learning Resources' Document Supply Service provides resources which are neither in stock nor held digitally in the University of Bedfordshire. The service deals with requests for items which can be obtained from other libraries, including the British Library.

The majority of digital documents supplied by our Document Supply service come from the British Library (BL). All University of Bedfordshire staff and students eligible for Document Supply services will need a BL on Demand account to receive their documents. Please note any personal requests made directly using a BL on Demand account will be charged directly to the account holder and the University will not refund the charge.

There is a guide to using the Document Supply service which will be of help to you.

Any queries please contact

Cooperative journal scheme

There is an option of requesting items from a health based co-operative scheme available to all students

University's own stock

If the book you want is available at another campus than the one you are based at you need the Reservations Service

If the article you want is available in print journal at another campus please use the Inter Campus Scanning service. Please note there is a charge of 50p per item made for this service - for copyright reasons.

JISC Library Hub

JISC Library Hub Discover exposes rare and unique research material by bringing together the catalogues of major UK and Irish libraries. In a single search you can discover the holdings of the UK’s National Libraries (including the British Library), many university libraries, and specialist research libraries. This new service replaces Copac and SUNCAT, providing access to a growing range of library catalogues, with a new interface style and updated search facilities, with more changes in the pipeline.

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