Read&Write Gold

Read & Write Gold

Read & Write Gold is installed on many of the PCs at each campus library, just look for the icon on the University’s PCs to launch the app. Ask a member of staff if you need help locating the software on PCs.

Read & Write is useful for many reading and writing tasks including:

· Reading text out loud

· Highlighting text in different colours

· Spell checking and predictive spelling

· Dictionary and thesaurus

· Word predictor

· Checking  homophones

· Converting text into audio files

Regular workshops are held at each campus to give you an introduction to Read & Write Gold. You can also contact the Study Hub team by emailing or coming to a Drop-in session. More details of these resources can be found here  Study Hub

Library staff can help you if you have queries on the use of Read & Write Gold.

Additionally you may be able to access training materials on the manufacturer’s website