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Laptops for Loan

Laptop Loans

Some of our Libraries have laptops available for you to use while you are studying in our facilities.

Luton Campus Library

  • Laptops cannot be taken out of library
  • Loans are free
  • Loan for 9 hours or when Library closes
  • One laptop per person
  • No reservations
  • No renewals
  • No fines for late return although library account will be blocked if more than 24 hours late and billed for the replacement charge of £700
  • Do not save any work to desktop as the files are automatically wiped when the laptop is turned off.  Please use USB, email or google drive.
  • Any laptops found unattended will be removed by staff and the borrower will fall into our 3 strikes sanctions
Laptop dispensers are located:
  • ground floor, near entry barriers
  • mezzanine floor, near newspapers
  • first floor, by Returns unit
Loan process
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Swipe your University ID and enter your University password
  • The display will inform you which laptop to borrow
  • Open the dispenser door
  • Unplug the laptop and remove it (and power cable), close the dispenser’s door.
  • The laptop will be automatically issued to your library account
  • Return the laptop to the same floor that you borrowed it from.
  • Swipe your University ID and enter your University password
  • The dispenser door will automatically open
  • Connect the charging cable (with yellow sticker), close the dispenser door
  • If the door won’t close or an alarm sounds please ask a member of staff for help, overnight please ask security
Laptop Loan Terms and Conditions - PDF 127.6 KB

Aylesbury LRC

There are laptops available to borrow for use on the Campus only.

To borrow a laptop please speak to a member of staff at the Customer Service Desk in the library.

Laptops can be borrowed for the day but must be returned before the library staff leave.

University of Bedfordshire

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