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Membership Entitlements

University of Bedfordshire students registered at any of our main Campuses:

Students registered on University of Bedfordshire courses taught at any of our UK Partner institutions at:

  • Arthur Mellows
  • Aylesbury College
  • Barnfield College
  • Bedford College
  • British School of Osteopathy
  • Central Bedfordshire College
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors
  • Frontline
  • Grantham College
  • Leicester College
  • Milton Keynes College
  • Pen Green ITT
  • New College, Stanford
  • Tresham College

carry University of Bedfordshire ID and are entitled to our full range of services in person on any Campus or on-line as described in LRWeb

Library Services
Study Hub
Self Help Guides
The Digital Library

Other students at UK Partner Institutions

Other students at Partner Institutions do not have automatic membership to University of Bedfordshire's Learning Resources. Alternative membership routes are available however and students at our UK Partner Institutions are very welcome to use the services on offer via Associate or Reference External Customer membership.

If you have any questions about your membership rights please ring (01582) 743488 for help during staffed hours

Staff are happy to help, they will need your name and/or your student ID. Then they will be able to describe your membership rights on the spot

Student NOT registered on partner programmes

Students at the following Partner institutions who are NOT registered on partner programmes have a different set of membership entitlements. Please click on your institution to check what your entitlements are:

University of Bedfordshire

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