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Code of Practice

External customers

Code of conduct - use of Learning Resources

The University has a code of conduct which applies equally to External Customers as it does to its own students and staff

Learning Resources has its own Code of Conduct and all External Customers are expected to be familiar with it and abide by it. Sanctions are at the bottom of this page.

Walk In Access arrangements for electronic resources

By registering as an external customer of the University of Bedfordshire's Learning Resources you may have walk-in access to a limited range of digital resources. This is available on Campus only. If you use Walk In access privileges you are agreeing to comply with the conditions set out below. If you have any further questions about copyright or the license conditions in place for specific digital resources, please consult a member of Learning Resources staff.    

All of the University's digital resources are protected by copyright law. You are responsible for complying with any restrictions on the available digitial resources that you access.

Please check this list for the digital materials that are available for Walk In access.

You agree to:

  • Carry the UoB Library ID that has been issued to you at all times and swipe in with it to access Learning Resources facilities
  • Show your ID to staff or Security if asked
  • Terms and conditions laid out here, as well as those detailed in the University's Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Customers must be 18 or over

You can:

  • Access a range of the University's digital resources from your own personal laptop/tablet/notebook.
  • Use digital resources for educational purposes (e.g., personal study or research).
  • Save articles, images or other content onto a portable storage device such as a USB stick, and email content to yourself - subject to copyright restrictions.

You cannot:

  • Use any of the student PCs or MACs
  • Use the room bookings or laptop loans
  • Use Milton Keynes or Aylesbury campus's facilities
  • Use any of the content retrieved from the University's digital resources for commercial activities.
  • Share the usernames or passwords provided to you by the University with anyone else.
  • Access any other parts of the University except the Library or Learning Resources Centre.
  • Share any materials retrieved from the University's digital resources with anyone, whether in print or digital format
  • Use the network for unauthorised purposes. For more detail, refer to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Access, transmit, store, print, promote or display offensive, obscene and indecent material, defamatory materials or materials likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Guidelines and policies are in place to help library users, but it does not confer any rights, since admission to libraries is always at the discretion of the University of Bedfordshire. Library users who abuse their membership privileges could lose all access to the scheme and SCONUL Access members would also be subject to sanctions in their home institution.


Currently the Walk in Access service is available at Luton Library and Bedford Library via guest wifi on your own personal portable device. Please check staffed opening hours before you visit.

Please contact your chosen Campus in advance of your visit to check the availability of the service and to ensure that we have the resources you require. 

Please note that access to the service may be restricted at busy times and is provided on a strict 'first come first served' basis during staffed hours.


Fines will be applied to the late return of any loan time

3 Strikes

If you are in breech of the Code of Conduct the 3 strikes sanction process is:

  • 1st strike - one week entry ban
  • 2 strikes - two weeks entry ban
  • 3 strikes - three weeks entry ban and you will not be considered for future Visitor membership
  • 4th strike - membership revoked and you will not be considered for future Visitor membership

Depending on the breech 1st, 2nd or 3rd strike may be applied depending on the severity of the offense. Where applicable your home institution may be notified and in the case of Sconul Access we will notify the scheme.

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