A Guide to Document Supply

The University of Bedfordshire is one of the 40% of Universities nationally that offer free Document Supply services to our students and staff.

If you can't find what you're looking for from either the Library Catalogue or DISCOVER you may still be able to get hold of the item from another library through the Document Supply Service.

We can obtain a range of materials for you including: books, issues of journals, journal articles, single chapters of books and conference papers

Use the sections below to show you how to make best use of the service. Click on the links to each section to navigate around the information.

You need to find out [PDF]:

  • if you are eligible to use the Document Supply Service
  • what can be requested
  • how to place a request
  • how to contact the Document Supply Team
  • how to feed back about the Document Supply service

What the Document Supply team does [PDF]

  • what happens next
  • informs you when your Document Supply requests have arrived
  • lets you know how long can I keep a Document Supply item

Renewals, Lost Items and cancellations [PDF]

  • information on renewing a Document Supply book
  • what happens if you lose a Document Supply book
  • what you should do if you have used up your Document Supply allowance
  • reason why your request got cancelled


Due to copyright restrictions, you cannot photocopy any items, which have been obtained from the British Library.

Secure Electronic Delivery [PDF]

  • information about Secure Electronic Delivery (SED)
  • what to do if you experience any problems with SED

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