Dissertation help

Dissertation help

Your dissertation is an extended piece of work on a topic of your own choosing.  Working on a dissertation (or doing a post-graduate degree) often involves searching for more specialised subject information beyond the University's library catalogue.  You may like to look at the Resources for Researchers guide or the Other Libraries section of this site for more information about other collections you can consult.

This pages gives you some tips about particular health resources you may want to consult.  Databases will help you find relevant journal articles and conference proceedings.  Library catalogues will assist you in locating books, reports and research projects that may have been written on the same subject.


For a more complete list of our databases click here.  For general assignments, databases like CINAHL and PsycINFO will usually be adequate.  However, here is a list of some resources you might like to consider in particular.

The Cochrane Library's databases are renowned collections of evidence-based information about the effects of healthcare.  Cochrane is excellent for in-dept  research as it has a large collection of systematic reviews.  Tutorial | User guide

Provides bibliographic data from scientific journals, as well as information on published proceedings from conferences.  The database also references books and websites. 

Library  Catalogues

You may want to use material stored in other libraries.  Collections you might like to consider are the Royal College of Nursing, the Kings Fund and the British Library.  You may also find the Library Hub Discover service site useful.  This gives you free access to the merged catalogues of 26 of the largest university and research libraries in the UK and Ireland.  Alternatively, the local NHS libraries could have just the thing you need.

The University offers a document supply service for material not kept by the University.  Ask in your nearest LRC for details.

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