Healthcare databases

Healthcare databases

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What role do occupational therapists have in rehabilitating stroke patients?

This database covers over 500 journals - many not indexed by other sources - related to palliative care, AHPs and complementary therapies.

What has been written about discharge planning in the UK?

The BNI is an excellent starting point for an assignment.  The best features of BNI are its currency and British focus.  It indexes over 300 journals.

What are the ethical issues around patient confidentiality?

CINAHL Plus with Full Text is the most comprehensive source for nursing, midwifery and allied health journals, providing full text for more than 560 journals of the 1600+ indexed in CINAHL.  It has a wide range of 'Limit' options to help you refine your search, for example by age group or gender.

What has been written on post-partum, uterus-conserving surgery?

Medline is the largest and most widely used database in the health sciences.  Over 4600 journals are indexed so it covers clinical areas that may not be found on BNI or CINAHL.

What effect does proximity have on interpersonal communication?

The main index to the world's psychological literature, invaluable for researching biopsychosocial factors, child development and learning theories as well as mental health and learning disability topics.

Other databases

Where are the veins in the arm? is an interactive 3-dimensional atlas of the entire body. It includes copyright-free images that you can use in presentations.  It also offers self-test quizzes and short movies of things like joints moving or surgical incisions.

Does oral zinc help with venous and arterial leg ulcers?

The Cochrane Library's databases are renowned collections of evidence-based information about the effects of healthcare.  You need to use the Cochrane for in-depth research (especially for a dissertation). Tutorial | User guide

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