Responding to your feedback

Two happy students in the library

Library, Learning Resources and Information (LLRI) want to make sure you have a great student experience, but we need your help to keep improving what we do to support your learning journey.

Use your Student Voice to let us know what we are doing well, where you feel we can be doing better and any suggestions.

Each month, you can take a look at the comments students have shared with us and our responses.

Your feedback - our responses

Your compliments

"Library staff were amazing, friendly and helpful with accessing my accounts and the Wi-Fi."

"I am a mature student, disabled and also have Autism, so my needs are different to others, but when I first started, I can honestly say that the support of the library staff was the main reason I completed my first year. The support and help have been exceptional and continue to be that way."

"They are polite, accommodating, and friendly - always ready to assist with issues and queries"

"They always have a welcoming face and ready to assist when you do need help"

"All the facilities offered by library are very useful and fantastic.The staff members and the management are the reason for it"

"The staff were very receptive, friendly and helpful, they solved all my problems. EXCELLENT"

"I found the library staff to be polite and friendly during my recent visit...their welcoming attitude and willingness to assist, which made my experience pleasant"

"They are very polite and helpful. They will make sure you find what you are looking for. They will also help you investigate and point you in the right direction"

"On three different occasions I have needed their support, and each time I have received 100% full support. They also offer to help make everything easy. Like my first printing experience and funding my printing account. The smile and the welcome is top notch. Great service."

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