Eduroam @LSC

Save your data - use Eduroam! To connect to WIFI for free while on campus and if you visit other Universities be sure to follow these instructions for each of your devices:

The first time you use any WiFi device you must configure it on Campus to Eduroam.

It must be capable of:

  • IEEE 802.1X (Enterprise authentication) using PEAP and MSCHAPV2
  • WPA2 wireless encryption

The first time you connect to Eduroam you will need to accept the security certificate.  If this fails or you are a returning student who has previously used Eduroam you will need to acquire the certificate from the website.:

  • Connect to the guest Wi-Fi, see section on Wi-Fi for External Customers for instructions
  • Click on the following link
  • Follow the on screen instruction to download the University of Bedfordshire certificate
  • Once complete connect to Eduroam

If you're not sure, follow the instructions:

    1. Turn wifi on
    2. Click on the Wi-Fi bars icon in the system tray to see the list of detected connections
    3. Click on 'eduroam' and click on the 'Connect' button
    4. Log on with your credentials as below:
      • Password (usual network password)

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