Printing, Photocopying & Scanning


Every Library and LRC has multifunction machines, which print, photocopy or scan.

Printing/photocopying Charges

Black and White charges:

Single Sided A4 5p      Double Sided A4 7p

Single Sided A3 10p    Double Sided A3 14p

Colour charges:

Single sided A4 14p    Double Sided A4 23p

Single Sided A3 23p   Double Sided A3 42p

Mixed Colour and black and white

A4 double sided 15p

A3 double sided 28p


Once you have sent your work to the printer, it will stay in the print queue for 24 hours.

Colour and 1-sided Printing:  The default print settings are black and white and 2-sided. Please click on the following instruction if you require colour or 1-sided printing [PDF]

Please see our guide on how to print [PDF]


Please see our guide on how to photocopy [PDF]


Scanning service is free of charge but you require a minimum of 5p on your print account to activate the multifunction machine

Please see our guide on how to scan [PDF]

Your scanned document will be sent as a PDF document to your student email account.

Print Credits

If you have no credit on your printing account, you can use the self-service print credit machines at any of our LRCs. They accept a range of coins and notes.

No cash? You may re-charge your account by making an on-line payment using a credit or debit card. Go to: and log on as advised.

Home and EU Students check this information:


In the event of any queries you may request an account history at the Customer Service desk.

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