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Thanks to the World Wide Web anybody can look for information; in fact we often find too much, and most of it isn't any good! Studying at university means finding relevant, high quality academic information you can use confidently in assignments.  On these pages you will find evaluative descriptions of each resource, hints and tips on how to search for information and guidance on where you can go to get further help and advice.

Your first stop for information should always be DISCOVER, which searches books, ebooks and much of the electronic material that the university has bought to support your course. There are other databases which will be of use throughout your time at university too; you can find these in the "databases" section of this guide.

Don't forget that library staff are here to help you. We expect you to have had a go at searching independently first, but there are times when talking to the expert searchers will save you a lot of time and angst.  We can help you to clarify your thoughts and plan a way ahead.

If you're studying PE with QTS, take a look at the Education subject guide, where you'll also find the contact details for Adele, your Academic Liaison Librarian.

If you're studying Sport and PE, head to the Sport Science and Physical Activity subject guide. Here you'll find the contact details for Bill, who is your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Adele Robinson (Monday to Friday)
Tel: 01234 793354 (ext 4354)

University of Bedfordshire

Physical Education