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Welcome to Learning Resources. The purpose of this guide is to help you find information sources for your subject in a simple and effective manner. You will find that there is a cross over between subjects and that linguistic and media materials will be relevant as well as those of creative writing. You should be aware however that the material you can see on the shelves is only part of the story. Many books, magazines and journals are now available electronically in equivalent full-text and there are numerous other electronic indexes to our own print journal holdings. I also hope you have made the most of the new Luton library and the facilities it has.

Familiarisation with this guide should help you to exploit our resources, but I will be providing practical sessions in information skills during your course. If you are working off campus, you may find our invisible library Online Learning Package useful as it contains information to assist you with your studies. I would particularly recommend that you look at the section on "referencing your sources" as you will lose marks if you plagiarise (fail to acknowledge the authorship of information which you use or quote from in your own work).

Most degree programmes are varied, therefore this guide will not be tailored to your exact needs and if you are having difficulties you should not hesitate to contact me. You can make an appointment either by telephone or email. For general enquiries (eg. related to referencing) send an email to the following address:

Avtar Natt 
Academic Liaison Librarian
(Creative Writing)

University of Bedfordshire

Creative Writing