A guide to Google

This guide will help you to use some of the features and services that are available from Google.

Google Scholar

Google scholar is a search engine that searches scholarly publications and literature in many subject areas. This includes articles, dissertations and theses, books, abstracts, academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

Be aware that not all results are peer-reviewed so always start your research on the University of Bedfordshire library catalogue, DISCOVER and databases.

A full guide can be accessed here.

Google Books

Google Books is a database of books that Google have scanned or digitised and made available online. Full text is available for books which are out of copyright or where the author/publisher has given permission. In-print books have limited access and may only display a few pages.

A full guide can be accessed here.

Google Search

Google search is set up to allow very basic searching to be the norm with the idea that you just type in the first thoughts you have and press the enter key. In order to use this system effectively it is important to understand how to step beyond this basic search facility and set it up to your own needs to get the best results.

Google basic search help will also give you tips for searching and show you how to customize your experience.

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