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Computer Skills Workbooks 

The workbooks below accompany the Computer Skills Training Workshops offered to all students by the Study Hub.  They have been written to enable students to use independently if they choose to or because it is not possible to attend a workshop.  Click on the application heading to see the workbooks that are available.  If a workbook refers to an exercise file, these can be found here.

Our workshops are advertised on the What's on Calendar.

It is also possible to book an appointment with one of our trainers if you need support with a workbook or to enquire about improving your computer skills.

PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint 2016: Create academic posters - PDF 1.3 MB

Word 2010

Word: Fundamentals - PDF 1.7 MB

Word: Format your assignment - PDF 1.1 MB

Word: Format your dissertation - PDF 1.0 MB

Word: Manage your dissertation - PDF 1.1 MB

Word: Use tables to present data - PDF 1.3 MB

Word: Create professional documents - PDF 1.3 MB

Excel 2010

Excel: Fundamentals - PDF 1.8 MB

Excel: Understand formulas - PDF 1.5 MB

Excel: Work with functions - PDF 1.9 MB

Excel: Use Excel to analyse data - PDF 1.8 MB

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint: Fundamentals - PDF 1.6 MB

PowerPoint: Create academic posters using PowerPoint - PDF 1.4 MB

PowerPoint: Animated slideshows - PDF 1.4 MB

MindGenius 6

MindGenius: Getting started - PDF 2.0 MB

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