Workshop details: How to - Write essays

What is covered?

This workshop covers: 

  • What makes a good essay
  • Planning and structuring an essay
  • Types of essay
  • Essay checklist

How will this workshop benefit me?

 This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand what should be included in an essay
  • Adopt strategies for checking the quality of your essays
  • Address any assignment feedback you have received about needing to enhance your essay writing

Upcoming workshop dates

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Can't make an upcoming workshop date?

If you are unable to attend this workshop, come and see us at Study Hub drop-in and we will discuss the workshop topic with you.

If you plus several friends are unable to attend please email and we will aim to repeat the session at a convenient time.


All workshop materials are available via the Study Hub: Online (in the workshop slides / resources section).

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