How to find books


You can find print books and ebooks on the library catalogue or via your Unit reading lists. If you are searching for a specific book (e.g. Hands on sports therapy by Keith Ward), select the Author or Title option in the library catalogue and type in the relevant details.

If you are looking for material on a particular topic (e.g. sports massage) select the keywords option and type in your search terms. 

If all copies of a book are on loan, or the book you want is at a different campus, you can place a reservation from the library catalogue.

How to find ebooks

You can access ebooks by searching for them on the library catalogue. Start by doing a keyword search just like you would for a print book, then click "search". You can then select "ebooks" from the drop down menu which says "View Entire Collection" by default.

You can also browse the various ebook collections by clicking on the Digital Library tab in the library catalogue. Within the Digital Library screen, go to the "Ebook collections" heading and select a collection (e.g. Oxford Reference Online) from the drop down menu.

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