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The easiest way to find books and electronic books (ebooks) is through the library catalogue.

If you are searching for a specific book, select the Author or Title option in the library catalogue and type in the relevant details.

If you are looking for material on a particular topic (e.g. sport psychology) select the keywords option and type in your search terms.

Each print book has a classmark - a number, usually with some letters after it - attached to its spine which tells you where you can find it on the shelves. Make sure you make a note of this classmark. The numbers we use range from 0 to 999, and the letters after the number allow the books to be sorted alphabetically within that number. For example; Clinical Exercise Physiology has a classmark of 615.82 CLI in Bedford Library. There may be lots of books at 615.82, so the letters after the number help you to find that particular book more easily. Books on the same subject will generally be found around the same classmark, but you should always perform a search for your topic on the library catalogue, as you may find useful books for your assignment in other areas of the library too.

To access ebooks, click on the link in the catalogue record.

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