Internet Resources

Internet Resources

The internet contains a vast amount of information of varying degrees of quality. Remember that anyone can publish a website, but the information may not be accurate, up-to-date or unbiased. It is always a good idea to be cautious when using the internet to prepare for academic assignments.

To get the best out of the free information on the internet it is necessary to develop skills in evaluating information. For a useful and relevant tutorial to help improve skills in finding and evaluating internet resources, go to Intute's Virtual Training Suite for Performing Arts.

The following is a list of general gateways for Performing Arts. Gateways provide lists of online resources on a subject which have been evaluated by experts. Internet resources specific to the dance and theatre areas are organised under the relevant headings (see menu).

Gateways - Performing Arts

Gateways provide collections of links to high quality websites. The websites have been assessed by library and academic professionals, and are reliable scholarly resources.

  • Voice of the Shuttle – Built and maintained by Alan Liu at the English Department of University of California Santa Barbara, this is a comprehensive database of the best scholarly resources on the web. Users can browse by subject area (e.g. 'Dance' or 'Drama, Theatre & Performance Art Studies') or search by keyword (e.g. Kenneth MacMillan).
  • Palatine Directory - Gateway to an extensive range of resources for dance and drama.

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