Services for Students with Assistive Status


Students or staff who are identified as having a disability through either the student record system (SITS) or the HR system (TRENT) can request additional services, as laid out here and in the Library Handbook.

Individuals who disclose a disability to library staff, which is not known to the university, will be referred on to the Health and Well Being team.

This is a summary of services available to students with assistive status:

  • Individual assistance
  • Unlimited renewals of borrowed items
  • Waived fines (excludes other sanctions including blocked borrowing and charges for replacement)
  • Training and support in the use of assistive software
  • Wheelchair accessible facilities
  • Staff are disability aware and are happy to help you
  • Lifts are available to allow access to all floors
  • Specialist software and equipment

Any specific requests or comments may be directed to the Head of Reader Services, Sarah Arkle via e-mail or at any LRC Customer Service Desk.

Contacts around the University of Bedfordshire are: