Journals for English

Journals  are publications dealing with a specialised academic subject that appears at regular intervals. There are two types of journals:

  • Magazines – contain short features or news items, written by journalists who may have subject expertise.
  • Peer-reviewed journals – contain scholarly articles (on recent research, methodology or innovation) evaluated by subject specialists on an editorial board, and checked for accuracy and validity.

Finding Journal Titles

Accessing a journal title can allow you to browse the contents for interesting articles as well as allowing you to locate a particular reference. All journal titles (both print and electronic) are listed in the library catalogue. To find journals search using the ‘Quick Search’ tab, toggle the ‘Journal Title’ option, then enter the journal title. This will allow you to access the journal electronically, or guide you to the print holdings, where available.

Most electronic journals can be accessed from any online location using your library account. Print journals are located on the first floor of Polhill library, and are organised alphabetically by title.

Searching for journal titles allows you to access particular references. For example to access the following reference -    Markovits, S. (2005) ' "North and South," East and West: Elizabeth Gaskell, the Crimean War, and the Condition of England', Nineteenth-Century literature, 59(4), pp. 463-93 - you should search the catalogue for “Nineteenth-Century literature”.

Finding Journal Articles On Particular Topics

The best way to find journal articles on a particular subject area (e.g. contemporary women's poetry) is to search a database. DISCOVER is a good place to start for this type of search.  See 'Databases for My Subject' for further guidance.

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