You Said We Did

You Said We Did 

Learning Resources invites feedback from a variety of sources to make sure the services we offer meet the needs of the University community. We are constantly on the look out for the widest range of platforms for the student voice, it currently  includes:

  • Student Voice
  • service emails
  • national surveys eg NSS, iGrad
  • faculty committees eg FABs, PECs FTQSU
  • social media and Facebook, Twitter
  • LR Blogs
  • Library surveys eg clipboard polls on specific aspects of the service

and responds through

  • better service signposting - verbally, online and via local posters
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions on our website)
  • planned service developments - what can we do now; what can be done in the next few months; what longer term plans are needed

We also seek feedback on our responses. Does our solution meet the initial problem through

  • Student Voice
  • and service emails

All feedback is highlighted in promotional campaigns and service highlights.

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