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Why must you reference?


Referencing is the way of showing that you have used the ideas of other people in your work. This includes things which you have read in books and journals or looked at online.

Why do you have to reference?

  • At university level you need to read and understand the ideas of other people. Referencing is a way of proving you have done this. It will make your work look scholarly.
  • Referencing enables you and your readers to trace useful material again.
  • Providing full references helps you avoid accusations of plagiarism. If you do not reference ideas which are not your own you are committing an academic offence.

It would be unfortunate lose marks for lack of (or poor) referencing. On the other hand a clearly referenced piece of work will demonstrate that you have researched your topic well. Think of referencing as a positive tool; it is a way of making your work look professional and improving your grades. It truly need not be difficult.

University of Bedfordshire

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