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Journal articles


Journal articles

When citing journal articles, ensure that the reference provides enough information for the reader to be able to locate the article. Some journals are available in print, some electronically and some are accessible in both formats.  Generally, you only need to include the URL for a journal article if it is only available online and not in print (sometimes a way to tell this is if there are no page numbers).  You don't need to include the name of the database where you found the article.

In text citation:

Citing a direct quote from a journal

"Men learn not to talk about vulnerabilities" (Seager, 2009, p.252).

Paraphrasing from a journal

Seager (2009) argues that the male psyche is neglected in modern society.

Reference list:

The elements which should be included in your bibliography/reference lists are :

(i) Author (surname followed by initials)

(ii) Year (in round brackets)

(iii) Title of article (in single quotation marks)

(iv) Title of journal (in italics)

(v) Volume number

(vi) Issue number (in round brackets)

(vii) First page of the article – last page of the article


Seager, M. (2009) 'Chocolate and flowers? You must be joking! Of men and tenderness in group therapy', Group Analysis, 42(3), pp.250-271.

Electronic journal articles with doi

Some journals have a doi, or Digital Object Identifier, which is a type of permanent web address.  You do not need to add the doi to a journal article reference, but if you want to include it in your reference list, add it after the page numbers.  Some types of referencing software will add the doi automatically to your reference.


Haug, A. and Busch, J. (2016) 'Towards an ethical fashion framework', Fashion Theory, 20(3), pp.317-339. doi: 10.1080/1362704X.2015.1082295 

Online articles with URL

You only need to add the URL if you are unable to reference the article as the above example.  So. for example, if the journal article has no page numbers, or is unavailable as a PDF document, you can reference it by adding the URL and the date you accessed the article.  Where no volume/issue number are available, include the season or month of the publication if possible.


Al-Sahafi, M. (2016) 'Living with two languages: Arabic-speaking immigrant children's bilingual proficiency development', Internet Journal of Language, Culture and Society, (39). Available at: (Accessed: 20 July 2016).

This guide uses the UoB-Harvard system. Always consult your unit handbook or tutor to make sure you are using the correct system for the unit. Some subjects use other systems.
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