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Confidential material

If you are bound by a professional code of conduct (for example, the Nursing & Midwifery Council), you may need to reference sensitive or confidential material which needs to be anonymised.  You can use terms such as ‘Placement hospital’ or ‘Placement school’ rather than institutional names.

  • Anonymised institution [in square brackets]
  • Year produced (in round brackets)
  • Anonymised title (in italics) [use square brackets for the anonymised part]
  • Location (use the county if the town may identify a specific institution)
  • Anonymised producer or publisher [in square brackets]

In text:

The patient was moved in accordance with the local Trust moving and handling policy (Placement hospital, 2015).


In reference list:

[Placement hospital] (2015) [Placement hospital] moving and handling policy. Bedfordshire: [Placement hospital].

University of Bedfordshire

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