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Conference proceedings


How to Cite Conference Proceedings Published on the Internet in Harvard UoB Format

In text citation:

Citing a direct quote from a conference paper

Soothill (2009) asserts that "without making too strong a claim, it is still fascinating what an important role alcohol tends to play in the subsequent interpretation in the court arena of what happened in cases of sexual assault."

Paraphrasing from a conference paper 

Alcohol tends to play an important role in the court's interpretation of what happened in cases of sexual assault (Soothill, 2009). 

Reference list:
The elements which should be included in your bibliography/reference lists are :

(i) Author

(ii) year (in round brackets)

(iii) Title of paper 'in single quotation marks'

(iv) Title of conference: subtitle in italics

(v) Location and date of conference

(vi) Publisher

(vii) Available at: URL

(viii) (Accessed: day month year)


Soothill, K. (2009) 'A window on the law: a historical study of the local media reporting of non-consensual sex crimes involving female victims aged 16 to 20 years' A 'mirror' or a 'motor'? What is criminology for?' British Society of Criminology Conference, Cardiff University, Cardiff 29th June to 1st July. British Society of Criminology. Available at: (Accessed: 25 March 2013).

This guide uses the UoB-Harvard system. Always consult your unit handbook or tutor to make sure you are using the correct system for the unit. Some subjects use other systems.
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