How to cite Webpages in Harvard UoB format

In text citation:

Citing a direct quote from a webpage

According to the Stroke Association (2012) "many people who have had a stroke go back to work".

Paraphrasing from a webpage

It may be possible to return to employment after a stroke (Stroke Association, 2012).

Reference list:
The elements which should be included in your bibliography/reference lists are :

(i) Author(s)

(ii) (Year of publication)  - Use the date the page was updated/created/copyrighted. If no publication date is given, write (No date)

(iii) Title of webpage (in italics, in sentence case)

(iv) Available at: URL

(v) (Accessed: day month year)


Stroke Association (2012) Life after stroke. Available at: http://www.stroke.org.uk/factsheet/life-after-stroke (Accessed: 19 March 2013).

This guide uses the UoB-Harvard system. Always consult your unit handbook or tutor to make sure you are using the correct system for the unit. Some subjects use other systems.
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